About Us

The Sundar Capital Group was founded in 2002. Grounded by our core values and strengthened by our independence, we help clients communicate, engage and build relationships with their investors and shareholders. We pride ourselves in being acutely aware of the evolving trends and driving forces in the investor relations industry. This awareness coupled with strategic consultancy expertise, reach and resources globally, forms the foundation to advise public and private companies on  capital market communications and strategic business development. 

Our goal has always been to build a strong family of reputable clients in diversified sectors, listed on different exchanges with various market capitalizations. We carefully address your needs, get your story out to the inner and outer circles of the financial world, and are able to convey consistent messaging through multiple channels to your prospective and current shareholders.

Today we represent a wide range of companies on both the U.S., Canadian and European exchanges. We continue to provide our clients with an effective communications strategy and a powerful investor relations program which ensures the best results in diversifying our client company shareholder bases which are obtained efficiently and cost effectively. 

Sundar Capital Group always receives measureable results.